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Earthy Brown Fire Bricks, exuding a natural, earth-toned radiance. Made to complement any setting, these bricks emanate rustic elegance and organic beauty. Perfectly suited for fireplaces, outdoor pizza ovens and barbeques, they not only enhance your space with their warm, earthy hues but also offer outstanding durability and superior heat resistance.

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Enhance your living space with natural, earthy tones of VITCAS Coloured Firebricks in brown. These bricks are the perfect choice for adding a rustic charm to both indoor and outdoor environments. Whether it's the cosy corner of your living room or the heart of your garden festivities, our brown fire bricks provide a blend of sophistication and unmatched practicality.


  • Colour: Earthy brown, infusing a natural warmth into your surroundings.
  • Heat Resistance: Exceptional resistance to high temperatures, capable of withstanding up to 1200°C, guaranteeing durability and a long lifespan.
  • Versatility: Ideally suited for both outdoor and indoor purposes, allowing for creative flexibility in design and application.
  • Texture: Rustic surface finish, contributing significantly to the visual allure of your fireplace or pizza oven.


  • Fireplaces: Transform your fireplace into an inviting focal point with our brown firebricks, offering both aesthetic appeal and effective heat retention.
  • Barbecue Grills: Enhance your outdoor grilling experience with firebricks capable of enduring extreme temperatures, ideal for constructing a distinct barbecue area.
  • Outdoor Pizza Ovens: Achieve uniform heat distribution for flawless baking with our firebricks, essential for top-quality bread and pizza ovens.

Manufacturing Tolerance and Variations:

  • True Colour: The natural brown shade of our firebricks may exhibit slight variations under different lighting conditions and can change due to the effects of fire and atmospheric conditions. This variability is a characteristic feature of firebricks, adding to their unique charm.
  • Manufacturing Tolerance: Consistent with all expertly crafted firebricks, expect minor size variations of +/-3mm, which contribute to the artisanal quality of our bricks. Minor chips, common in fire clay bricks, can be seamlessly integrated using VITCAS Refractory Mortar or Cement, if necessary.

Select VITCAS Coloured Firebricks in earthy brown for a perfect combination of style and practicality, ensuring your fire-centric appliances are not only enduring but also aesthetically engaging.

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Product GroupFire Bricks
Temperature1200°C /2190°F
HS Tariff Code6902209100
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