Tips for using your smoker

Tips for using your smoker

There are many ways of cooking food. If put shortly, cooking is an art with a virtually endless amount of tips and tricks that you can try. The best thing is that the combination of the food ingredients usually always results in something completely different and a unique taste. Now, there are a number of different ways of cooking different meats. For instance, when it comes to meat, a lot of people prefer to first smoke the meat in order to get the unique, tasty aroma. You might have had such foods at restaurants and other places, but what if you could smoke your meat on your own? Here are a small set of tips that can help you:

How does smoking work?

If you set your oven to a low heat, the wood will begin to smolder, rather than burn, this in turn will give your food the smokey flavor. Wood chunks and chips that are soaked in water must be laid out around the coals in order to provide further enhancement of the flavor. Then, the grill needs to be covered thoroughly in order to make sure that the smoke does not escape. Ultimately, the smoke will penetrate through the foods and provide you with a tasty option.

Types of smoking

Dry Smoking 

The purpose of dry smoking is to make use of a low, smoldering wood panel to slowly cook the foods. This results in an infusion of good flavors.

Wet Smoking 

Also known as water smoking, this type of smoking is used quite commonly all across the globe, and makes use of a small pan, or bowl of water. This helps to maintain the moisture and tenderness within the food items, allowing for perfectly made meat.

Remember, it is wise to ensure that the water pan remains full. You can replenish the water pan with tap water now and then in order to ensure its fullness. This is because the water will help to maintain the temperature and also adds moisture in the oven in order to provide tenderness to the meat.

Another very important piece of advice is that you do not need to peek every now and then in order to check what's happening underneath. Every time the lid opens, heat and smoke are going to escape the chamber. This will ultimately result in a sacrifice of flavor and aroma and also increase the total time required for cooking the food items.

For people who are new to smoking food, it is wise to begin with a small amount of wood in order to first check whether they actually like the flavor or not. If you are fine with it, you can always increase the intensity by adding more flavors. You can also bundle in some wet wood chips in your oven in order to ensure that the wood chips last longer. Cover them up with a foil packet, and poke in a lot of holes. Then, place this over the coals. 

If you want something a bit different you can also build a pizza oven that will have the capacity of preparing smoked food inside.

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