Thermal Lagging Rope - 2M Pack

Thermal Lagging Rope - 2M Pack

Acidcas Concrete  (25kg+Liquid)

Acidcas Concrete (25kg+Liquid)

Insulation Fixing Pack

Vitcas Fire Resistant Insulation Fixings come in a Pack of 6. They are used for fixing and installing Vitcas Vermiculite Fireboards to masonry. The pack is practical because all the insulation fixings come collectively instead of having to purchase them all individually, hence saving money. 

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Vitcas Fireproof Insulation Fixings Pack of 6 for installing Vitcas Fire Resistant Vermiculite Boards.

Dimensions: 80 overall length, 35mm diameter head and 8mm diameter shank

 Instructions:  The fixing method is to drill an 8mm hole into the wall, make a 35mm countersink on the board for the head and tap the fixing into the hole with a hammer.


  • For fixing fireproof vermiculite boards to masonry
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