BA - Heat Resistant Board Adhesive 1300°C

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Vitcas Board Adhesive - a specially formulated, heat resistant adhesive ideal for securing and sealing joints across a wide range of boards. This includes Vermiculite Board, High Temperature Plasterboard, Fireplace Construction Board, among other insulation and fireproof boards. Uniquely designed to handle extreme conditions, Vitcas Board Adhesive can resist temperatures up to an impressive 1350°C.

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VITCAS BA - Ready Mixed High Temperature Adhesive is a premium, all-in-one solution for insulating and constructing with various high-temperature materials. Specially formulated for joining an array of boards such as insulation boards, vermiculite boards, high temperature plasterboards, and construction boards, this adhesive is more than just a bonding agent. It can also fix these boards to brickwork and block work, provided the surface is flat and the gap doesn't exceed 5mm. For situations involving larger gaps, our Vitcas HB60 is recommended.

Product Highlights:

  • Premium ready-mixed adhesive, specifically designed to withstand high temperatures up to 1350°C /2460°F
  • Suitable for bonding surfaces with a gap up to 5mm; for larger gaps, consider our Vitcas HB60
  • Features an air setting property, allowing for adjustable setting times dependent on bed thickness and ambient temperature
  • After drying, the adhesive can be sanded for a smooth, aesthetically pleasing finish

Uses of VITCAS Heat Resistant Board Adhesive:

  • Construction and Insulation: Proven highly effective for construction and insulation, it offers robust bonding for various types of boards.
  • Joint Sealing: Specifically designed to create durable seals between different types of boards, ensuring secure and efficient insulation or construction work.
  • Wall Mounting: The adhesive can be used to fix boards to brickwork and block work surfaces, suitable for diverse applications from insulation to interior decoration.
  • Temperature Resistance: Its exceptional temperature resistance makes it an ideal choice for fireproofing applications, like securing fire-resistant boards in high-heat areas such as fireplaces and furnaces.
  • Repair Work: The adhesive is also useful for repair tasks involving high-temperature materials. It can be used to seal small gaps, attach replacement parts, or strengthen existing structures.

Instructions for Use:

  1. Begin by thoroughly stirring the adhesive in the tub.
  2. Ensure the surfaces to be joined are clean, dry, and devoid of dust.
  3. The faces of the board shoud be coated with Vitcas PVA prior to adhesive application.
  4. Use a 6mm tile comb to apply the adhesive onto the surface or edge of the boards, creating a 3mm bed.
  5. Allow the adhesive to air set; keep in mind the setting time depends on the bed thickness and the surrounding temperature.
  6. Once dry, the adhesive can be sanded for a polished, smooth finish if desired.


The information given is based on our experience and reports from customers. There are many factors outside our control and knowledge, especially the method and conditions of application which affect the use and performance of our products and for which reason no warranty is given, express or implied. Users should make their own tests to determine the applicability of such information or the suitability of any products for their own particular purposes. The product should be used, as described in our instructions. This information does not replace professional training and does not replace the necessity to comply with health and safety regulations.
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Product GroupAdhesives
ColorOff White
Coverage5 Kg / 1m2
Ready to UseYes
Temperature1260°C /2300°F
HS Tariff Code3816009000
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