Aluminium Foil / E-Glass Fiberglass Cloth

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Aluminium Foiled Glass Fibre Cloth is available in 0.45mm or 1.5mm thickness. Aluminium foiling reduces fraying. The fibreglass reduces loss of heat.  Applications include making protective items such as covers and gloves across different industries working at 550°C / 1020°F.

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The Aluminium Foiled Glass Fibre Cloth is designed to offer superior protection and thermal insulation. The addition of an aluminium foil layer significantly reduces fraying and decreases the emissivity of the surface, enhancing its overall performance in various applications.

Key Characteristics

  • Temperature Resistance: Capable of withstanding temperatures up to 550°C / 1020°F, making it ideal for high-heat environments.
  • Heat Retention: Effectively reduces heat loss, ensuring better thermal efficiency.
  • Reduced Fraying: The aluminium foil layer minimises fraying, prolonging the cloth's durability and effectiveness.
  • Decreased Emissivity: The aluminium surface reduces emissivity, improving the material's insulating properties.


Protective Wear

Gloves and Covers: Ideal for manufacturing protective gloves and covers, providing excellent heat resistance and durability for industrial workers.


Cars and Motorbikes: Suitable for use in automotive applications, offering heat protection and insulation for various components.


Thermal Insulation: Perfect for insulating boilers, enhancing energy efficiency and safety.


Heat Protection: Provides reliable heat protection in foundry operations, safeguarding equipment and personnel.

Iron & Steel Industries

Ideal for applications in iron and steel industries, where high heat resistance and durability are essential.

Marine Industry

Suitable for use in the marine industry, offering protection and insulation in various maritime environments.

More Information
Product GroupTextiles
Temperature550°C /1020°F
Width (mm)1000
MaterialGlass Fibre
HS Tariff Code7019590090
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Product Q&A
Can the Aluminium Foiled Glass Fibre Cloth be used in a loft/attic as insulation?
The Aluminium Foiled Glass Fibre Cloth is designed for high temperature applications, so it is not a suitable insulator for an attic.
Do you supply the ALUMINIUM FOIL / E-GLASS FIBERGLASS CLOTH 1.5 mm thick on a roll and if so could you please give prices.
The Aluminium Foil / E-Glass Fiberglass Cloth is available in 0.45mm or 1.5mm thickness. One roll of the cloth is 50m, but you can also purchase it by the metre. The prices provided on for all textiles are always given for 1m, but to ...
What is the actual size of 1.5 mm x 1 m Is it 1 m2
The E-Glass Fiberglass Cloth Coated with Aluminium Foil in 1.5mmx1m is 1.5mm thick and 1m wide, and the length can be anything from 1m, as you purchase per metre. One full roll is 50m long.
What width is a roll?
The width of aluminium glass fibre cloth is 1 metre.
How wide is the roll
The roll of Aluminium fibreglass cloth is 1 metre wide.
Hello, Does this product (ALUMINIUM FOIL / E-GLASS FIBERGLASS CLOTH) come with a SDS
For such queries, please fill in the contact form.
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