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Heat Resistant Concrete Fireback. A refractory fireback to be used on the wall behind a fireplace. Dimensions: 16" (400mm) nominal and 18” (460mm) nominal. If there are any open spaces left behind the fireback, they can be filled in using the Vitcas Vermiculite Insulating Cement.

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Vitcas Heat Resistant Concrete Fireback- a single piece refractory fireback for use with traditional open fires. Conforming to BS 1251: 1987 and to be used in conjunction with the throat forming lintels.

Size 16 inches nominal.
Front width: internal 15.5 inches, external 20 inches
Overall height:22.25 inches Overall depth 8.5 inches

Size 18 inches nominal.
Front width: internal 17.5 inches, external 22 inches
Overall height: 22.25 inches overall depth 8.5 inches

Installation Instructions for Vitcas 16” / 18” Firebacks and Lintels

fireback fireplace

The fireback should be placed in position with the lintel so that the distance between the fireback and lintel at the throat is 110mm +- 10mm. This is important for the air flow into the chimney.

The position should allow for expansion and contraction of the fireback at high temperatures particularly at the back and sides.

Corrugated cardboard should be placed around the back of the fireback in order to create an expansion gap. Then the space behind should be filled with Vitcas Vermiculite Insulating Cement.

The space between the top of the fireback and the back of the chimney should be flaunched with Vitcas Heatproof Screed.

Any gap between the front of the fireback and the fire surround should be filled with a suitable lagging rope then covered with Vitcas Heat Resistant Sealant. This is important to avoid combustion gases escaping around the sides of the fire surround.

Firebacks should be stored undercover prior to installation and if they are taken from open storage the fire should not be used for 3 days after installation.

To prevent cracking it is important that the first firing should take the temperature up slowly. Initially a small fire should be lit of relatively short duration and only slowly built up to higher temperatures.

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Product Group Firebacks
Color Grey
Temperature 1400°C /2550°F
Manufacturer Vitcas
HS Tariff Code 6810990000
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Customer Questions
Please provide me with the internal dimensions of the fireback to enable me to purchase a fire grate and ash pan to suit.

We supply two types of Concrete Fireback. One comes in 16 inches and its internal dimensions are 15.5 inches for the front width. The second fireback comes in 18 inches and its internal dimensions are 17.5 inches.

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