VITCAS Fire bricks 230x114x76mm

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VITCAS Fire Bricks, made with 42% Alumina content. Sized at 230 x 114 x 76mm and designed to endure extreme conditions up to 1430°C. Ideal for a range of high-temperature applications including kiln linings, ceramics, metal casting, forges, and brazing hearths, these bricks are the perfect choice for ensuring durability and efficiency in your heat-intensive projects.

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VITCAS 42% Alumina Fire Bricks are engineered for excellence, classified as High Duty bricks. These fire bricks are capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, with a maximum service temperature of up to 1430°C. Each brick measures 230 x 114 x 76mm and weighs approximately 4.5 kilograms, meticulously designed for high-performance applications.

Key Features

  • Alumina Content: Minimum of 42% Alumina, ensuring high-quality and efficient heat resistance.
  • Low Iron Content: Minimizes oxidation and ensures better thermal stability.
  • Low Alkali Content: Reduces the risk of alkali-related degradation, enhancing longevity.
  • Thermal Shock Resistance: Exceptionally resistant to rapid temperature changes, making them ideal for high-temperature environments.
  • Abrasion Resistance: Withstands physical wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting durability.
  • High Density and Strength: Offers superior mechanical strength and a dense structure for optimal performance.


  • Kiln Linings: Perfect for use in high-temperature kilns in ceramics and metal casting industries.
  • Ceramics: Ideal for the construction and maintenance of ceramic furnaces.
  • Metal Casting: Provides reliable and efficient lining for metal casting furnaces.
  • Incinerators and Cremators: Exceptionally suited for high-temperature incinerators and crematoriums.

Installation Recommendation

For the best results, we recommend using Vitset 45 for setting Vitcas 42% alumina fire bricks, ensuring a strong and durable bond.

Additional Support

Unsure about the quantity needed for your project? Use our Vitcas Quantity Calculator for guidance, ensuring you get the perfect amount for your specific requirements.

Manufacturing Tolerance and Variations:

Please note that due to the inherent manufacturing process, there may be slight tolerances +/-3mm in the size of the bricks. Similarly, subtle colour variations may occur between bricks, which does not affect the product's performance. It is also normal to find small chips on the bricks; this is not a product fault but rather a characteristic of the fire clay brick. These can be easily covered by Mortar or Cement, if required.

More Information
Product GroupFire Bricks
Size230 x 114 x 76mm
Temperature1430°C /2600°F
HS Tariff Code6902209100
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Ratings & Reviews

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