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VITCAS Refractory Castable 1700 this material is suitable for use in a home foundry project as the material for lining a metal drum to make a small scale crucible furnace. Suitable even for melting cast iron.

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VITCAS Refractory Castable 1700 this material is suitable for lining a small beer barrel or similar for use in a home foundry project.

Castable Refractories come as a dry mix in 25 kilo bucket and needs to be mixed with water and used in much the same way as you would use concrete.

The recommended water addition for one 25 kilo bucket is approximately 2 litres.
Trowel into position or use shuttering or some sort of former such a a plastic pipe. Suitable even for cast iron work and usually one bucket is sufficient unless you are planning a very big project.

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Product Group Refractory Products
Size 25kg
Color Grey
Consistency Powder
Outdoor Yes
Indoor Yes
Temperature 1700°C /3090°F
Drying Time 12h / +20°C (+68°F)
Manufacturer Vitcas
Mix with water Yes
Water addition 2 L / 25kg
HS Tariff Code 3816000000
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Customer Questions
Hi, Is it possible for me to order just 10kg, I've already used 2x 25kg containers and am just a little short for finishing my project. I don't really want to order another 25kg, the project has already gone way over budget. Thanks, Andrew

No, the VITCAS Refractory Castable Grade 1700 is only available in a 25kg bucket.

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