Vitset 90 - VITCAS Refractory Mortar 1860°C

Vitset 90 is a high alumina, ready-mixed refractory mortar, renowned for its exceptional heat resistance and stability up to 1860°C (3380°F). Ideal for industrial applications such as setting pre-cast shapes and sliding gate plates, this air-setting mortar offers practicality and reliability in demanding thermal environments.

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Vitset 90 is a superior, ready-mixed refractory mortar with a high alumina content, known for its exceptional purity. VITCAS Refractory Mortar Vitset 90 is specifically engineered to exhibit remarkable heat resistance and maintain stability at extreme temperatures, reaching up to 1860°C/ 3380°F. Vitset 90 represents a fusion of cutting-edge material science and practical application, setting a new benchmark for performance in high-temperature environments. Ideal for a broad spectrum of industrial applications.


  • Air Setting: This mortar conveniently sets in the air, facilitating ease of use and application.

  • Heat Resistance: Vitset 90 is capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures up to 1860°C/ 3380°F, making it ideal for use in environments where thermal stability is crucial.


  • Setting Sliding Gate Plates: Perfect for secure installations in high-temperature industrial settings.
  • Purging Nozzles: Ideal for use in the assembly or repair of purging nozzles, where heat resistance is essential.
  • Setting Pre-Cast Shapes: Provides a reliable bonding solution for various pre-cast shapes in refractory constructions.
  • Specialised Applications: Suitable for use with alumino-silicate and magnesite refractories in specialised applications, ensuring durability and longevity even in extreme conditions.
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Product GroupRefractory Products
ColorLight Grey
Coverage40 bricks (230x114x64mm) / 10kg
Curing Time12h
Ready to UseYes
Temperature1700°C /3090°F
HS Tariff Code3816009000
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