High Temp Scrim Tape Plasterboard

Heat Resistant Glass Fibre Plasterboard Scrim Tape is for use in conjunction with Vitcas Heat Resistant Plaster. The fibreglass self-adhesive tape is for joints and internal corners between plasterboards. The joints have a tendency to crack so they need to be taped and plastered over to secure it. 

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Self-adhesive plasterboard scrim tape application

Heat-resistant scrim tape is used for plasterboard joints. It is a fiberglass mesh (open-weave fabric) with increased resistance to high temperatures. A properly applied scrim tape has a great impact on the quality and durability of the finish. The adhesive is so strong that it sticks perfectly to the plasterboard panels (no need to add extra jointing compound) and sticks poorly to other surfaces.

The scrim tape (also known as plasterboard tape) should be applied first onto the joints of the plasterboard and then it should be plastered over using a skimming plaster such as Vitcas Heat Resistant Plaster. If scrim tape is not used, there is a high probability of cracks in the plasterboard walls in the future.

When you build a fireplace using high temperature plasterboards, the weakest points in construction are gaps between boards. To avoid further problems with plaster cracking, sticky fibrous scrim tape should be used.

How to apply scrim tape?

  1. Stick the scrim tape over the joint of the two boards. Try to cover both sides equally.
  2. Cut off the excess jointing tape with a sharp knife.
  3. Make sure that each joint is carefully taped. Pay particular attention to the corners. Smooth the scrim tape so that it adheres well to the plasterboards.
  4. After applying the tape, you can start the plastering project.

It is worth noting that the scrim tape can be used on the board's flat joints and in internal corners when applying wet plaster.

Plasterboard jointing tape benefits:

  • prevents cracking between the plasterboards
  • self-adhesive so easy to use
  • resistant to high temperatures
  • secure weak points of plasterboard;
  • for preventing cracks in joints and internal corners of plasterboards


  •  for preventing cracks in joints and internal corners of plasterboards
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