Product Question & Answer

Pizza Ovens / Firepits / Outdoor Fireplaces

  1. What mortar should I use to lay bricks in an outdoor application ?
  2. What should I use to create the base of my pizza oven?
  3. Is it necessary to use cement between firebricks when laying the base of my oven ?
  4. What material can be used to cast shapes for my pizza oven ?
  5. What can be used to insulate the base of my pizza oven ?

Open Fireplaces

  1. Should we cut a Vitcas Fireback before installing?
  2. Should we leave an expansion gap behind a Vitcas Fireback?
  3. What should be used to fill the space behind a Vitcas Fireback?
  4. What material should be used for the hearth of an open fire?
  5. What mortar should be used for indoor applications?

Free standing stove

  1. What size rope should I use?
  2. Do you have a bespoke firebrick service?
  3. Which Vitcas Firebricks are suitable for use inside a free standing stove?
  4. Can Vitcas Vermiculite Board be used inside a free standing stove instead of firebricks?
  5. Do you sell stove glass?

Cassette Stove

  1. I am thinking about using the Vitcas High Temperature Plasterboard around my cassette stove, is this suitable?
  2. Do I need to use Vitcas heat resistant products for the whole chimney breast?
  3. I already have installed boards around my cassette stove; can I use Vitcas Heat Resistant Plaster on them?

General Product Q&A

  1. Do you sell flues?
  2. What do you recommend for cutting Vitcas Fire bricks?
  3. What can be used to cast replacement firebricks?
  4. Can I plaster a Vitcas Vermiculite Board?
  5. How do I decorate a Vitcas High Temperature Plasterboard?
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