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  1. What mortar should I use to lay bricks in an outdoor application ? We have two materials that are suitable for laying bricks outdoors. Vitcas Outdoor Oven Cement should be used for joints between 3-10mm. For joints above 10mm Vitcas Heatproof Screed should be used.
  2. What should I use to create the base of my pizza oven? Vitcas Firebricks can be used to create the base of your pizza oven. Alternatively you could cast the base using Vitcas Heatproof Screed.
  3. Is it necessary to use cement between firebricks when laying the base of my oven ? It is not necessary to use cement; the bricks can be laid next to each other without any. However, Vitcas Outdoor Oven Cement or Vitcas Heatproof Screed can also be used.
  4. What material can be used to cast shapes for my pizza oven ? We recommend our Vitcas Heatproof Screed at a minimum of 50mm thick.   
  5. What can be used to insulate the base of my pizza oven ? We would recommend a 50mm thick Vitcas Ceramic Fibre Board. This board is more flexible than other insulation boards and can take the heavy weight of an oven.
  6. What can be used to insulate the dome of my pizza oven ? We would recommend using Vitcas Ceramic Fibre Blanket at a thickness of 25mm. This can be fixed to the dome of the oven using Vitcas Ceramic Fibre Adhesive, covered with Vitcas Oven Wire and then rendered with Vitcas Outdoor Oven Cement to a thickness of approximately 10mm. Another alternative ...
  7. What can I use to paint my Vitcas pizza oven? Once your Vitcas oven has been fully insulated we would recommend using exterior masonry paint for decoration. Vitcas Heat Resistant Paint is not suitable for any kind of masonry material.
  8. Do you sell the trammel separately from the Vitcas Oven Kit? The trammel can only be purchased as part of the Vitcas Oven Kit. We do not sell it separately. 
  9. How many fire bricks will I need to build my pizza oven? We have a calculator which is designed to help you calculate the approximate number of fire bricks required for your specific build, which can be found at 
  10. What type of fuel should be used in Vitcas Ovens? The recommended fuel is Kiln Dried Hardwood.
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