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  1. What size rope should I use? Every stove is different so we are unable to give advice on what size rope you will need. However, we would recommend that you check with your stove manufacturer who should be able to help. Alternatively, we do sell all our ropes by the metre for you to experiment. 
  2. Do you have a bespoke firebrick service? We do not have a service for bespoke firebricks. You can use Vitcas Heatproof Screed to cast any size of replacement firebricks. 
  3. Which Vitcas Firebricks are suitable for use inside a free standing stove? All dense Vitcas Firebricks are suitable for using inside a free standing stove. Vitcas Firebricks can be used in conjunction with Vitcas Heatproof Mortar.
  4. Can Vitcas Vermiculite Board be used inside a free standing stove instead of firebricks? Vitcas Vermiculite Board can be used as a substitute for firebricks inside a free standing stove. This can be cut easily to fit your stove. 
  5. Do you sell stove glass? We do not sell stove glass.
  6. What should I use to line the recess of my chimney breast around a free standing stove? On to brick work or block work we would recommend using our Fireplace Render to a thickness of 12mm. For a smoother finish you can then use our Heat Resistant Plaster to a thickness of approximately 3-6mm. Vitcas PVA Adhesive Sealer must be used, firstly, onto the brick or block work and then ...
  7. What should I use for a register plate? We recommend using a Vermiculite Fireboard. This is very easy to cut using woodworking tools and you can cut the hole for the flue pipe with a jigsaw. Then you can seal around the edges of the board and around the flue pipe with Heat Resistant Silicone.
  8. How should I seal the flue pipe to the stove? For the first joint adjacent to the stove you should fill the gap with thermal rope and then cover with black fire cement, from a cartridge is the most convenient way to do this. Any other joints should be sealed with VITCAS Heat Resistant Silicone.
  9. I am fitting a stove in a wooden building, camper van, canal boat, railway vehicle etc – how can I protect the wall from the heat? You can fix vermiculite fireboard to the wall with screws and then put a metal sheet in front of this or tile onto the fireboard. If the floor is wooden then the stove should ideally sit on a metal base which is raised up from the floor.
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