High Temperature Applications

The condition of materials used in high temperature environments is highly important. We use them in many industries including automotives, railway, forges, foundries and many more. Some of them can also be successfully used in domestic applications, such as sealing or insulating boilers or building your own home foundry.

Become a crafter with Vitcas Products

High temperature resistant materials give the opportunity to build yourself a forge or foundry. Our wide offer will help you find the perfect materials for your first DIY project.

Quick maintenance of home heating systems

With our materials, you can easily repair any segment of your home heating system. Sealing materials will help you remove any leaks that may occur during exploitation (check out our blog on how to find and fix boiler leaks). Keeping the heating system well insulated is also a crucial part of its efficiency. Using these insulation materials provided by Vitcas, you can easily improve heat efficiency of boilers and stoves.

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