Kiln Linings

There are two basic types of kiln: intermittent and continuous. With an intermittent kiln, the wares are placed inside, then the kiln is heated up and allowed to cool after the appropriate period. Continuous kilns are more common in industrial applications and are built in the form of a tunnel where only the central section is heated and the wares move through on a trolley. An alternative arrangement is to have the heating on a moveable track to pass over the wares. Either of these is more energy efficient than repeatedly heating and cooling the same area but is not practical for the hobby enthusiast or a small scale operation.

Function of a kiln lining

Kiln linings are the materials used inside ceramic kilns. The purpose of a kiln lining is to prevent the kiln walls from overheating and energy being wasted. This can be achieved using dense firebricks and Refractory Mortar, insulation bricks and refractory mortar, refractory castable or ceramic fibre (usually in the form of modules). Low thermal mass materials have the advantage of higher turnaround as the kiln will heat up and cool down quickly, whereas higher thermal mass materials are more rugged and wear resistant.

Read our article to find out more about kilns and kiln linings.

Properties of kiln linings

Aside from the materials being low thermal mass, the materials should also be lightweight such as with insulation bricks (Grade 26) and ceramic fibre products, so as to reduce the cooling time of the kiln after firing. The insulation bricks should be used in conjunction with Vitset 45 refractory mortar. Tunnel kilns with consistent temperature do not require the mortar as they are usually lined with dense firebricks like our clay firebricks with 42% alumina content.

The materials should also be low in iron since the work is commonly white in colour and excessive iron pickup will generate black or green spots in combination with the ceramic being fired. Therefore, it is also crucial to coat ceramic fibre with Zircon paint refractory coating to avoid stray fibres dropping onto the work, especially if it is glazed work.

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  1. Vitset 45-Refractory Mortar Ready Mixed 1700°C

    Vitset 45 is a versatile, ready-mixed refractory mortar designed to withstand temperatures as high as 1700°C /3100°F. Ideal for trowelling, patching and setting various high-grade refractory and insulation fire bricks rated above 1400°C. Suitable for use with ceramic fibre boards and blankets, making it a practical solution for both repairs and new installations in high-temperature environments.

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  2. Insulating Fire Bricks-VITCAS Grade 26 -2600°F/ 1430°C

    Vitcas Insulation Fire Bricks- Grade 26. Resistant to 1430°C (2600°F). Dimensions: 230x114x76mm. The insulating firebricks can be used in a variety of high temperature industrial applications, such as in insulating refractories- gas producers, kilns, furnaces and stress relieving furnaces.

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  3. Vitset 80-Refractory Mortar Ready Mixed 1750°C

    Vitcas Refractory Mortar- Vitset 80 is a ready mixed, ready-to-use, high alumina, heat resistant cement. It is air setting and is suitable to use in setting, dipping, coating and spraying refractory bricks. This can be used in different industrial settings such as the steel industry and in foundries.

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  4. VITCAS Fire bricks 230x114x76mm

    VITCAS Fire Bricks, made with 42% Alumina content. Sized at 230 x 114 x 76mm and designed to endure extreme conditions up to 1430°C. Ideal for a range of high-temperature applications including kiln linings, ceramics, metal casting, forges, and brazing hearths, these bricks are the perfect choice for ensuring durability and efficiency in your heat-intensive projects.

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  5. Insulating Fire Bricks-VITCAS Grade 23 - 2300°F/ 1260°C

    Vitcas Insulation Firebricks- Grade 23. Resistant to a high temperature of 1260°C / 2300°F. Dimensions: 230x114x76mm. Ideal for situations where heat storage properties are not desired, and for insulating in different refractories- ceramic kilns, furnaces, flues and other high temperature industrial equipment.

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  6. Ceramic Fibre Blanket 1260°C

    VITCAS Ceramic Fibre Blanket. Resistant to maximum service temperature of 1260oC / 2300oF. Density of 128kg/m3. Available in thickness of 13mm, 25mm and 50mm. Can be utilised in many industries such as petrochemical, steel and ceramics industries. Often used as insulation or for lining of furnaces.

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  7. Insulating Fire Bricks-VITCAS Grade 28 -2800°F/ 1530°C

    Vitcas Insulation Firebricks- Grade 28. Dimensions: 230x114x76mm. Resistant to 1530°C / 2800°F. The lightweight insulating fire bricks can be used in different industrial applications such as in lining ceramic kilns and furnaces, in areas that are not in contact with molten materials, etc. 

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  8. CFA - Ceramic Fibre Adhesive-Vitcas

    CFA - Ceramic Fibre Adhesive is a high-temperature, air-setting cement that is specifically designed for use as an adhesive for sticking ceramic fibre materials to brickwork, pizza ovens, or metal. This silica-based adhesive is ideal for use in a wide range of applications where high temperatures are involved, and a strong, durable bond is required.

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  9. Silcas A-Refractory Mortar 1400°C

    VITCAS Silcas A - Air Setting Ready Mixed Refractory Mortar. High temperature resistance to 1400°C. Ideal for jointing and setting fire bricks in, for example, kilns and furnaces.

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  10. BIO Soluble Insulation Blanket 1200°C -25mm per Metre

    Bio soluble fibre insulation blanket can withstand temperatures of up to 1200ºC/ 2192ºF. It has a very low risk of hazard and is safe in use due to its low bio persistence and bio-degradability. Dimensions: 25mm thick, 610mm wide  with a density of 128KG/m³.

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  11. Ceramic Fibre Blanket 1430°C

    VITCAS Ceramic Fibre Blanket. Resistant to 1430°C / 2600°F. Density of 128kg/m3. Available in thickness of 13mm, 25mm and 50mm. Can be used in ceramic kilns and in firing stoneware, in making of porcelain or bone china, and in stress relieving insulation, fire protection and power generation.

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  12. Insulating Fire Bricks-VITCAS Grade 30 -3000°F/ 1650°C

    Vitcas Insulation Firebricks- Grade 30. Dimensions: 230x114x76mm. Rates at 1650°C / 3000°F. The lightweight insulation fire bricks can be used for industrial applications such as in hot blast stoves, as primary hot face linings, for back up insulation for kilns and furnaces and for flue insulation.

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  13. Refractory Castable Grade 1700°C

    VITCAS Refractory Castable 1700 this material is suitable for use in a home foundry project as the material for lining a metal drum to make a small scale crucible furnace. Suitable even for melting cast iron.

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  14. Ceramic Fibre Board 1260°C-VITCAS Insulating Board

    Vitcas Ceramic Fibre Insulating Board. Resistant to 1260°C/ 2300°F. Dimensions: 1200x1000x25mm and 1200x1000x50mm. Has a low heat conductivity at high temperatures and resists high gas velocity, which makes it ideal for boiler ducts, for kiln linings in glass and ceramics and for stack lining.

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  15. VITCAS Ceramic Fibre Rigidiser

    Vitcas Ceramic Fibre Rigidiser- a silicate compound. The rigidiser is used for coating the surfaces of ceramic fibre materials. These include the ones used in ceramic kilns, forges and those exposed to high velocity gases. The product acts as a hardener and sealant for these different ceramic fibre surfaces.

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  16. Vitcas Refractory Castable Grade 1600°C-Refractory Concrete

    Castable Refractory (Refractory Concrete) is used for repairs to boiler linings, boiler doors and incinerator linings. For use where localised temperatures are higher; for example in gas or oil burner blocks and where forced air is being used.

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  17. Ceramic Fibre Board 1430°C-VITCAS Insulating Board

    VITCAS Ceramic Fibre Insulating Fibre Board is resistant to 1430°C / 2600°F. Dimensions: 1200x1000x25mm and 1200x1000x50mm. Due to its high heat resistance and lower thermal mass, heating/ cooling takes quicker and makes it ideal for glass slumping and ceramic kilns.

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  18. VITCAS Zircon Paint Coating 1750°C

    VITCAS Zircon Refractory Paint Coating. It has a creamy consistency and can be applied directly. For spray application, it has to be thinned with water. Its maximum service temperature is of 1750°C / 3180°F. For use on furnaces, ladles, ceramic fibre linings and refractories in contact with molten alloys and glass.

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  19. Silcas M-White Refractory Mortar 1430°C

    VITCAS Silcas M - Air Setting Ready Mixed Refractory Mortar for lightweight firebricks and insulation materials up to 1430°C / 2600°F. It is a white refractory mortar so may be used where white mortar is needed for visual and aesthetic purposes. Used for setting and jointing of bricks and other products.

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  20. Ceramic Fibre Blanket 1260°C -per Metre

    VITCAS Ceramic Fibre Insulation Blanket has a low thermal conductivity, high tensile strength and can withstand temperatures of up to 1260ºC/ 2300ºF. This grade of material can be purchased by the metre. Dimensions: 25mm and 13mm thick, 610mm wide; density: 128KG/m³. Free of asbestos so safe to use.

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