Acidcas Concrete  (25kg+Liquid)

Acidcas Concrete (25kg+Liquid)

Vermiculite Loose

Vermiculite Loose


Bio soluble fibre insulation blanket can withstand temperatures of up to 1200ºC/ 2192ºF. It has a very low risk of hazard and is safe in use due to its low bio persistence and bio-degradability. Dimensions: 25mm thick, 610mm wide  with a density of 128KG/m³.

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Bio soluble blanket

This type of fibre is the highest class quality, manufactured from calcium and magnesium silicate fibres. It does not have any hazard classification because of its low bio persistence. Can withstand temperatures reaching 1200ºC/ 2192ºF.

Dimensions: 25mm thick and 610mm wide                         Density: 128KG/m³


  • low hazard classification
  • body soluble
  • safe to use
  • bio-degradable


  • fire protection
  • boiler and incinerator linings
  • industrial furnaces
  • nuclear power thermal insulation
More Information
Product Group Textiles
Size 610x7320x25
Color White
Indoor Yes
Temperature 1200°C /2190°F
Manufacturer Vitcas
Insulation Yes
Material Bio soluble fibre
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