Fire bricks 230x114x32mm

Fire bricks 230x114x32mm

Vitcas-Fire Bricks-White

Vitcas-Fire Bricks-White

Insulating Fire Bricks-Vitcas Grade 23

Vitcas Insulation Firebricks- Grade 23. Resistant to a high temperature of 1260oC / 2300oF. Dimensions: 230x114x76mm. Ideal for situations where heat storage properties are not desired, and for insulating in different refractories- ceramic kilns, furnaces, flues and other high temperature industrila equipment.

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Vitcas Insulation Fire Bricks- Grade 23. Resistant to 1260oC / 2300oF. Dimensions: 230x114x76mm

Vitcas Insulation Firebricks are made from high purity refractory clays in a process which results in a controlled pore structure. They are much lighter in weight than fireclay bricks and are recommended for situations where heat storage is undesirable. Silcas M- refractory mortar is recommended for setting Grade 23 insulation bricks.


As a primary hot face refractory lining in:

  • ceramic kilns
  • forges
  • heat treatment furnaces

As back-up insulation behind other refractories in:

  • furnaces
  • kilns
  • flues
  • refining vessels
  • heaters
  • regenerators
  • gas producers
  • main, soaking pits
  • stress relieving furnaces
  • reactor chambers
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Product Group Fire Bricks
Size 230x114x76mm
Color White
Indoor Yes
Temperature 1260°C /2300°F
Manufacturer Vitcas
Insulation Yes
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