Probe-Oven Thermometer 0°C - 500°C

Vitcas Pizza-Bread Oven Probe Thermometer is to be installed deep inside an oven. Suitable for indoor and outdoor bread and pizza ovens. The probe oven thermometer can withstand very high temperatures reaching 500°C / 932°F. It has an easy to read dial displaying °C and °F to maximise your cooking.

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Wood Fired Bread and Pizza Oven Probe Thermometer

Wood burning bread/pizza oven probe thermometer has a higher temperature resistance than most oven thermometers. It withstands temperatures reaching 500°C / 932°F. The wide temperature range on the dial is 0-500°C/ 32-932°C. The probe oven thermometer is installed inside the back of ovens to provide accurate temperature measurements.

External face diameter: 63.5mm    Probe diameter: 6mm      Probe length: 200mm (8")

Pizza oven thermometers - Characteristics:

  • dual display on thermometer dial (°C and °F)
  • exceptionally high temperature resistance
  • easy to read dial
  • accurate readings of your oven temperature
  • ideal accesory to optimise your home and garden cooking

Applications of pizza oven thermometer:

In wood fired bread and pizza ovens, both outdoor and indoor one.

It is highly recommended that you wear Vitcas Heat Resistant Gloves when inserting, removing or dealing with the probe thermometer as it will get very hot, so this will prevent any harm. The gloves can be found in our shop.

Pizza oven probe thermometers provide precise temperature readings of the oven's temperature. This ensures that the pizza is cooked to perfection, with the crust crisped to the desired level and the toppings heated through evenly. By monitoring the temperature, you can avoid undercooking or overcooking your pizza, resulting in a consistently delicious and properly cooked pie. Probe thermometer's advantage over infrared thermometer is that you can measure the overall temperature range inside the oven. Using a pizza oven probe thermometer offers advantages such as accurate temperature monitoring, food safety assurance, consistency in cooking, precision control, time and energy efficiency, versatility, and ease of use. With these benefits, you can elevate your pizza-making skills and create mouthwatering pizzas with confidence.

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Size60 x 60 x 215mm
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